Pro Shop

Our pro shop stocks Players cues and Lucasi cues.
We sell billiard accessories, ie. tip scuffers and shapers, chalk and chalk holders, joint protectors, cue cases and billiard gloves.

We also have a drop off cue repair and maintenance service...

Service Price List

Tip replacement:
Compressed leather fiber tips $15
(Le Pro, Elk Master, Triangle, Blue Diamond, Water Buffalo)

Layered Cue tips:
Kamui brand tips (SS,S,M) tan or black NO pad: $40
Kamui brand tips (SS,S,M) black with clear pad: $45
Moori (S,M) : $45
Talisman (M): $30
Tiger brand:
Everest : $35
Sniper: $30
Samsara break tip: $40
Emerald: $15
Predator tip: $40

Linen Wrap replacement: $35
Cue Shaft recondition: $15 & up
Ferrule replacement: $35 & up

Our Equipment

We are a 9 table billiard room consisting of:
2- 7 ft Diamond Smart Tables,
2- 9 ft Diamond and 5- 9 ft Brunswick Gold Crown tables.